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Tracy, this is Bob Edenhofer, I’m associated with Freedom Scientific! I’m one of their public beta testers for jaws! What’s the latest build of jaws 12.0 that you have! if it’s 12.0.1170, then you need to go to the run dialog box, type the specified path, whitch is c:\j12.0.1170-32bit.exe/ type repair now before you proceed with this, keep in mind, I coppied and pasted the specified path to this message! make sure you read it letter by letter, so you know how to type it in! and be sure to go to the folder, in whitch you saved the executable for jaws, copy and paste the executable to your hard drive! then you can proceed, and follow the prompts! best regards, Bob Edenhofer, jaws public beta tester for Freedom scientific!
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