Re: Canvas and ms word

Kimber Gardner

Hi Anna,

The easiest way to handle comments in ms word is to set up hot keys
which will take you directly to the next and previous comments in a
document. I have very specific directions explaining how to do this,
but I don't have access to them right now. When I get home from work
later today I will be glad to send them to you.


On 3/15/16, <> wrote:
I have three questions. First, my school uses Canvas and it is fairly
accessible but there are documents that have to be submitted on Canvas and
then my instructor leaves comments on the document on Canvas. I have not
been able to figure out a way to read these comments with JAWS. I am
wondering if anyone has experience with this?
Also, I hear it is possible to read comments in MS word, and wondering how
to do that, i tried going to the review tab but that didn't work.
My last question is about equation editor. Is it possible to use equation
editor with JAWS or some other screen reader? I have to use it for

Anna E Givens


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