Re: Converting video to mp3 on YouTube

Gudrun Brunot

I actually do the following: why the video is playing, I hit alt-d for the
address bar. The text is automatically highlighted, so I just hit control-C
for copy. Then I open the YouTube converter and do as Bill does.

Hope it works.


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Subject: Converding video to mp3 on YouTobe

Hi all, I'm trying to convert a video to MP3 using Jaws on the YouTube web

I got some instructions, but I can't seem to find the tool bar on the web

Instructions follow.

Youtube to mp3

Pull up video on

Copy video code from tool bar.

Open a new window Youtube/mp3.

Paste the video code and hit convert. When converted, will pop up with
download button.

Does anyone have the steps to do this?


James Malone, (916)212-5397

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