How to process "replies" to JFW messages ...




Has the way that listers are to submit “replies” changed recently?  I just tried to reply to a message in Digest 210.  After I filled in the “message number”, I tabbed down to the edit box for the “extended reply”, which opened, seemingly with the “subject line” already there.  However, since I heard the subject line, I tabbed to the next edit field and entered my reply there.  When I tried to tab to the format box (plain text, RTF, HTML), the cursor seemed to stay where it was.  When I down arrowed, I got out of the edit box; but, there was no “format” option, and I was not sure where to find the “send to group/send to individual” check boxes.  At that point, I could not find a “close” button; so, could not complete my reply - even if I had done everything correctly.


If I should have entered my reply in the same box as the one with the subject line already in it, I would have thought that I would have heard the “format” field, and the 2 “send to” check boxes after that.  However, I heard a bunch of “label 0”, label 1, and so on, instead, until I got to that next edit box.


If I am doing something wrong, please let me know.  Replying to messages and muting threads are things I am used to doing without incident, and this is frustrating me.


Jim H



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