Re: using windows 10 with Jaws

James Malone

Thanks David. I’ll check this out.


From: David Bailes [mailto:david_bailes@...]
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Subject: Re: using windows 10 with Jaws


Hi James,

I've posted a couple links about windows 10, and I think that other have also posted links.

I've posted a link to this guide to file explorer:


and a link to this guide to the taskbar, which covers the start menu, search ,Cortana, the taskbar buttons, the notification area, and notifications:



On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 05:48 am, James Malone <malone_j@...> wrote:

Hi all, a few months ago, someone posted a link on the list about using windows 10 with Jaws. Is there a way to retrieve this link again?



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