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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Far as I know, you own a copy of JAWS or Office the same way you own a
copy of a favorite LP or CD Of course, the artist owns the work ,but
you own the physical medium. In the early Wild West days, most software
manuals insisted you back up your precious media, even prior to
installing the program, for your own protection.

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This isn't exactly an appropriate question for the JAWS list. You may
to consider taking it to a more generalized technology list. For
the blindtech list.

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Dear list, I am wondering what I really own, I know the scanner and
are mine but jaws is under licence and my Ocr is linked to me personally
about coppies of Office however,do I own them or is that microsofts as
well.?, by the way I think the office I once had with some ocr facility
on a cd called small business.,but the engineer said the 2 cds I had
scratched use office 7 which you paid for when you bought the dell
package. Regards dorothy

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