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Marianne Denning

I apologize for my last message then.  I did not know Google Crome would not work with Google Drive.  If that is true then the school must put Firefox on the student's computer.  It isn't an option for the school.  I understand their concerns but they must make it accessible to your student.  I am also a TVI and an advocate for blind and visually impaired students. 

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Google Chrome will not work with Google Docs. You must use IE or Firefox. Have a great one.

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That's the recommended browser. I haven't had any luck using it though; way too many keystrokes.

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Does googlechrome work with google docs??
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Hi!  Have you used Google Sheets before?  Do you have any suggestions
as to how to use that?  What about google forms?

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Hi Lauren,
I use Google Docs with JAWS 17 and win10. First of all, You can easily
get to Google Docs from your Google drive. So, to make things easier,
Just think about Google drive, and you can get to all of the other apps
from it. First of all, the URL to type in is:
Don’t type the www.
Next, you want to be using Firefox; however, IE is close behind for
working well with Google Drive. When the page comes up, you will be put
in your list of files on My drive of Google Drive. Immediately, press
insert + X to turn off the virtual cursor. to use these Google apps,
you cannot have the virtual cursor on, because you are working in an
app, and you do not want the keys you press to activate the JAWS
navigation commands like h for heading, for example. In Google Drive,
there are different default folders just like on your hard drive.
Now, if someone sends you a file, press gn to go to the navigation area
and arrow to the incoming folder and press enter. Then, you will be
able to open up the file that was sent to you. There are many key
commands you have to know to get around Google Drive. Google Docs does
not come into play until you open a Google document within your list of
files that is in your My Drive area of Google Drive. If you enter on a
Google Doc, it will open up in a separate area called Google Docs! See
how Google Drive is the hub of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and so on.
When you are in Google Drive, press ctrl + / to bring up all key
commands for Google Drive, and do the same when a Google Doc opens in
Google Docs. Some of the important key commands, In Google Drive, to
get to your list of files, press gl. Press up and down arrow to go
through your files. To create a new document, press the letter C and
arrow down to document and press enter. Google Docs will then open with
a blank document window for you to Type in. When you press the letter C
to get to the new menu, you were in Google Drive at that point. You did
not go into Google docs, until you pressed enter on document to create
a new document, then the Google Docs window opened. See how everything
starts by being in Google Drive. So, You go from Google Drive to Google
Docs by doing two things.
If you press enter on a Google doc in your list of files in Google
Drive, that document will open up in Google Docs, and then you can edit
it with all kinds of key commands you have to learn. Now, if you are in
Google drive and you want to create a new document, press the letter C
to go to the new menu and down arrow to document and press enter, and
that will also put you in Google docs with a blank document window and
you can create your new document. The key commands are so different,
because you are using programs that open in your browser. If you use a
lot of the commands you use in MS Office, they will activate your
browser instead of the program itself. Please email me and let me know
what you need help with and maybe we can get a hold of each other on
Skype. My email is:
Have a great one, and hope that helps a little to clear some things up.

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Does anyone work with Google docs and Jaws 17 and Windows 10? I don’t
know how to sign up or how to access the document I am trying to.




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