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Marianne Denning

Google Crome is accessible.  I have not used it much.  When I teach my students they use Firefox. 

On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 7:57 AM, Tasha Raella Chemel <tasha.chemel@...> wrote:
I can't find the link at the moment, but I read an article suggesting that
accessibility on a Chrome book with Chrome vox is less than ideal.

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Jeanette McAllister <jeanette@...> wrote:
> I have been following this thread closely as I have a new student
> whose school requires Chrome and Google Docs. I recommended Firefox
> but they refused because of security reasons. Is there a "work around
> "? They're not interested in hearing about IE. It appears it's going
> to be Chrome or nothing.

I would seriously consider a conversation with a lawyer who specializes in
disability discrimination cases.

You could try a ChromeBook with Chrome OS and ChromeVox, especially if the
school has or will obtain the hardware.

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