Problem pasting moving "text" from website "heading" ...




Using JAWS 17 with Windows 8.1 and IE 11 and MS Office 2013:


When I copied the “text” from a website “heading”, I pasted it into a Word document.  When I read what I have pasted, JAWS announces “heading” at the start of each line, including the line where the “heading” was pasted, on lines immediately above where it was pasted.  NOTE:  These lines were “typed in”, rather than “pasted” from another location. 


1)            How can I get rid of the “heading” designation in the document into which the “heading” was pasted so that I do not have to listen to “heading” all the time?


2)            How do I “copy” just the “text” from website “headings”, and avoid this problem in future?




Jim H


P.S.:       “I often have technical problems that no-one else has!”



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