Adjust JAWS options

Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

With JAWS 12 I have been trying to adjust JAWS options with mixed results.
When I open that option in various programs sometimes the things I change
stick and sometimes they do not.

I can place the key echo to none and it works, but when I reopen Word or
Outlook Express it is back to character echo.

I am accessing this with the insert F2 key combination. I make the changes
I want and then close the program. Should I be doing a save?

Even though I used help to read about the execute button I don't really
understand its purpose. Is there a difference between using the spacebar to
get the choices I want and using the execute button? I have been using the
spacebar and then alt c to close after making changes. I am making multiple
changes and then closing. Do the changes have to be made one at a time?
What am I doing wrong?



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