JAWS 13 Public Beta 3 scheduled for 2 PM eastern, October 13

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At 2 PM Eastern, you should find an update to JAWS 13 Public Beta 3. The
new version will be 13.0.241 and you will get alerted the next time JAWS
starts, after it is released.

I have included the list of changes coming in this new build for you to
review. Thanks again to everyone for the great feedback over the past

Eric Damery

Enhancements in JAWS 13.0.241 (October 13, 2011)

The following is a list of improvements made between JAWS 13.0.171,
public beta 2, and 13.0.241, public beta 3. Note that while many
customer reported enhancements are included in this release, the
following is a list of more notable changes.


* Resolved an issue with all of the sports scores look up sources
for Research It not returning any results.
* Resolved issues with the Stock Quotes Research It look up
* Resolved an issue selecting Mark Colors in Braille from the Run
JAWS Manager dialog box where JAWS would use the Custom Highlight Assign
instead. Selecting Mark Colors in Braille now works as expected.
* You can now perform commands that include the SPACEBAR directly
from a Focus braille display. For example, ALT+SPACEBAR to open the
System menu, or INSERT+SPACEBAR to activate the JAWS keystrokes layer.
* Updated the INSERT+W help message for the Webinar training room
plug-in to remove references to keystrokes that are no longer supported.
* If Quick Settings is open in another window, resolved an issue
where pressing INSERT+V while in the JAWS window, the title of the Quick
Settings dialog box was not getting announced as it gained focus.
* Added long Keyboard Help messages for the list of onMouseOvers
(INSERT+WINDOWS KEY+SEMICOLON), next clickable element (SLASH), prior
clickable element (SHIFT+SLASH), and list of clickable elements
(INSERT+CTRL+SLASH) keystrokes. To hear the long description for a
command, press the keystroke twice quickly.
* Added an Include Dimensions option to the General Options group
in Quick Settings. When selected, JAWS will announce dimensions for
graphics embedded in documents or Outlook messages where Word is the
* Resolved an intermittent issue saving default settings in
Settings Center.
* Resolved an issue where bullets were not displaying correctly in
braille with certain documents opened in WordPad.
* Addressed an issue with the Reuters Research It lookup source
where only five stories were listed even though the results page says
top 10 stories. Research It now lists all 10 stories.
* When pressing BACKSPACE in an edit field of a Java application,
JAWS now reads the character being deleted.
* When opening the Select a Voice Profile dialog box
(INSERT+CTRL+S), resolved an issue where the currently selected profile
was not displayed on the screen.

IBM Lotus Notes

* Addressed an issue of JAWS not reading section titles while
navigating in a note.

Microsoft Excel

* The help messages that are spoken when entering or editing a
formula are now also shown on the braille display as flash messages.
* Addressed an issue with the Input message edit field in the Data
Validation dialog box not being spoken and brailled correctly.
* Resolved issues changing between manually defined column and row
titles to automatically defined column and row titles determined in the
Excel spreadsheet.
* Resolved an issue in Excel 2007 and 2010 where the content of
text boxes was not being displayed in the Virtual Viewer. There were
only blank lines where the text in the box should have appeared.
* When navigating the list of functions for inserting into a
spreadsheet, addressed an issue where JAWS was not speaking or
displaying in braille the function description.
* Addressed an issue with editing the contents of a text box.
* If you want to manually set column and row title reading, you no
longer have to open the Quick Settings dialog box multiple times to
configure these options.
* If you add a hyperlink to another worksheet in the same
spreadsheet, resolved an issue where JAWS would not announce the
hyperlink if it was in a merged cell.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

* Improved navigating frames on a Web page that contain a Long
Description attribute. This was addressed for both Internet Explorer and
* Resolved issues creating a word list (CTRL+INSERT+W) on Web
pages in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
* Addressed issues navigating with the JAWS cursor in Internet
Explorer 9.

Microsoft Outlook

* Addressed a reported issue where JAWS would announce "CC" for
the Subject field in a meeting request. This only occurred in Outlook
* Addressed an issue where Outlook 2010 could unexpectedly close
when opening the Signatures dialog box.
* Resolved an issue reading messages in the Inbox message list
that contain & symbols in the From field and have no subject. This was
observed in Outlook 2010.
* Resolved an issue in Outlook 2010 where the status of the check
boxes was not being read in the tree view of mail folders when selecting
the folders that you want to apply view settings to.
* Resolved an issue where JAWS would begin reading the entire
Inbox list instead of the currently selected item after moving to the
Inbox from the Calendar using CTRL+SHIFT+I.
* Resolved an issue where you could not perform the command to
forward a message from the Focus braille display when in the message
* When pressing INSERT+CTRL+I to read the info bar, resolved an
issue where JAWS was announcing the info bar was empty even if it was
* Resolved an issue where pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V to open the Move
dialog box would not work from an open Outlook 2007 or 2010 message.
* Addressed an issue with JAWS no longer reading correctly after
updating the date field in an Outlook template.
* Resolved an intermittent issue where text entered into the
Search edit field in Quick Settings would not be correct if you
attempted to type immediately after opening Quick Settings. This
occurred more frequently when opening Quick Settings from an open
* Resolved an issue where Link Count was not appearing in Quick
Settings when opened from Outlook. This option can be found under
Reading Options in the tree view.
* Addressed an issue where the Invisible Cursor was being
activated when using ALT+GRAVE to move to the message body.
* Addressed a reported issue of changes made to a Speech and
Sounds scheme not working as expected.
* Resolved an issue in Outlook 2007 and 2010 where pressing
INSERT+A in a message with one or more attachments would not move to the
attachments list.
* When copying selected text from the body of a message, JAWS no
longer says "copy to clipboard" twice.
* Addressed an intermittent issue where the messages "menu" and
"leaving menus" were spoken while navigating in the File menu in Outlook
* If you have more than one e-mail account, addressed an issue
where JAWS would not read the available accounts when moving focus to
the From button and activating it in a new message.

Microsoft PowerPoint

* Resolved an issue where pressing ESC to close the Virtual Ribbon
would completely close the menus, even if you were in a submenu. Now, if
you are in a submenu, each press of the ESC key will move you up a level
in the menus until you finally exit the ribbon.
* Addressed an issue activating items in the Virtual Ribbons using

Microsoft Word

* Resolved a reported issue of characters not always being entered
when typing in the footer area of a document.
* Resolved an issue where F6 and SHIFT+F6 would not work as
expected after performing a Find in Word 2010.
* Addressed an issue with JAWS becoming sluggish in Word 2003
under Windows 7 64-bit.
* When a non-uniform table is encountered during a Say All,
addressed an issue where JAWS was not announcing when the number of
columns and rows changed.
* Resolved an issue where navigating over a border using the ARROW
keys gave a different description than when you pressed ALT+SHIFT+B to
describe the border.
* Resolved a reported issue with JAWS double speaking while
reading by line. This was also addressed in Outlook.

Mozilla Firefox

* Resolved an issue where an extended select list box would no
longer be shown in the virtual buffer after selecting one or more items.
* JAWS now indicates if a Web page element offers context help as
you navigate. To read this help message, press INSERT+F1 while focused
on the element.
* When selecting a link located inside a table, resolved an issue
encountered when going back to the previous page where JAWS would not
remember your last location.
* Addressed issues with navigating in ARIA tree views.
* Resolved an issue in the Chatzilla extension with incoming text
not automatically being read in a chat session.
* Resolved an issue of JAWS not identifying links in lists that
contain both text and links.
* Resolved an issue where the Web page would scroll each time UP
or DOWN ARROW was pressed.
* Resolved an issue with JAWS not reading as expected in the
Password Manager in Firefox 7.
* Extraneous text is no longer sometimes flashed in braille when
Forms Mode is activated in an edit field.
* Addressed issues navigating Web pages when using JAWS and MAGic

Mozilla Thunderbird

* When composing a message, field names are now shown correctly in
* Resolved an issue with JAWS not reading as expected in the
Password Manager in Thunderbird 6.


* JAWS no longer announces "shuffle mode is off" when using
INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by S to mute speech.

Windows Live Mail

* Resolved an issue where JAWS would become sluggish when moving
up past the message headers using the JAWS cursor.

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