Re: Moving Words

Kimber Gardner

I've seen this problem --I call it the jumping cursor problem --
mainly in Word but also in email while typing text. I have not found a
solution besides always proofing what I have typed.


On 3/4/16, Jim Welch <> wrote:
I use a laptop and an external keyboard, Outlook and Word 2010 and Jaws 17.
The problem I have is with words moving by themselves. After I have found
word has moved I press the control & z keys to undo but it doesn't work.
This is an intermittent problem. I have turned off all the spell checking
and grammar features within Word 10 and Jaws 17 and the words still move of
their own accord. I have had this problem for several years with different
versions of Jaws

Has anyone had a similar problem and what action did they take to resolve
it, or can anyone advise what to do.


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