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Hi all I've asked this before but didn't really get good answers or
something helpfull anyway. I'm looking for some sorce some documents or
websites or whatever which could give web developers some pointers on
creating their websites in a way so that it's accessible with screen
readers. Stuff like what to avoid, how to code and how not to code. I'm not
in to development myself and understand very little of it but want it for
somebody else and for him to write the website with me testing each part and
him changing again simply takes too long. I also sometimes email people even
if it's big companies to ask them to consider making their websites more
screen reader friendly and some sorces would help a lot because I don't
always know what to tell them, a lot of people are keen to change but once
they ask me well how must we do it, I can't really answer them because as I
said I don't really know anything about web design myself.

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