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Shan Noyes

Also note that you can turn smart navigation on and off when you're on the website with the Joskey plus the letter X

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Here are notes I've saved from people's experiences with Smart Navigation:
From: Daniel
You can activate smart navigation in two ways. Through settings center where
you press space to cycle through the options - off, controls, and controls
and tables. The second way is through the jaws startup wizard, where these
options are radio buttons. Smart navigation
 Is used via the arrow keys. In controls, you can arrow across form fields
and you'll get the exact layout of the form. In tables, you navigate them
again with the arrow keys and you can pick a cell in a row, and arrow down
to the corresponding cell on subsequent lines.
Hope this helps,

From: Neil Towery
I changed the subject line to reflect your question concerning how much we
   Doesn't look like the current smart navigation. Did not notice that
 striking certain keys, such as H, would jump from heading  to heading.
   Looks like we have to do three keystrokes to get the same thing we now get
 with one keystroke.
   They are talking about doing the keystrokes twice quickly.
   Where is the option to have it like it is in windows 7?
If you don't use smart navigation, everything behaves as before. Say
word, Say Character are not quick navigation keys, but those two are the
ones affected by smart navigation, when smart navigation is in affect,
these keys require two quick presses to allow you to navigate the text
character by character or word by word. This is because the arrow keys
otherwise navigate by element, so one press of right arrow for instance
might go to a link, or perhaps a button, you won't be able to use arrow
keys to spell the name of the button for instance if you don't
understand what it says unless you do sayCharacter keystroke twice
quickly, thereafter the arrow keys will read the name of the button
character by character as you'd expect.

Remember, smart navigation is off by default anyway, and that only
really affects sayWord and sayCharacter keystrokes. They do recommend
however that you use semi auto forms mode or manual, because navigation
quick keys like h won't work very well if you have smart navigation on,
and fully auto forms mode, because if you arrow onto an edit box it will
enable forms mode, then if you try to use h it'll just type h in the box
instead of going to next heading, and you won't be able to get out of
the box with arrow keys I suspect (not verified) until you hit escape.

Navigation quick keys really are not affected in any way by smart
navigation, but the auto forms mode setting remains with the same 3
options as in jaws 16. If you leave smart navigation off jaws will
behave exactly as it did in version 16 when it comes to web pages in
every way to the best of my knowledge.

Also, yes, smart navigation will be new to JAWS 17.
Cheers, Aaron Spears, general Partner - Valiant Galaxy Associates
Take care.
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Can any one help me with Smart Navigation Keys?

What I want is to have a clear definition of the difference between normal Navigation Keys and the Smart Navigation Keys.



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