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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

I'm not sure how you tryed to invite someone, is it the same as
sharing a folder with someone? Because the way to do this is to open
the dropbox folder, then create the folder you want to share if not
already done, then write click or applications key on the folder, then
go to dropbox menu and select share. It will then take you to the
dropbox website where you can enter the persons email address to
invite them to the folder. Once they accept a coppy of the folder
which you created will appear in their dropbox folder and they can
view or use any file you place in that spesific shared folder or you
can get anything they place in the folder. A easy way or the way I
find easy anyway is to create folders with my and the other persons
name e.g. Nickus and Jack, I then share that folder only with jack,
this way I'm sure of what he gets and sees from my side and there's no
confusions and he doesn't get unnececery stuff on his pc which is not
intended for him, because once the folder is shared with him and you
put something in it, the content will automatically be downloaded on
to his computer.

On 10/13/11, Holger Fiallo <holgerfiallo@...> wrote:
Hi, I tried to invite someone to my dropbox. I presto enter on invite but
nothing happens. I am not sure if this works well with JFW12 or 13. Any help
will be good.
Holger Fiallo
Kind Regard
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