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So that is all I have to say on that subject but looking forward to keep reading relevant and pertinent emails about jaws and people's findings thank you very much have a good day everyone

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I’d like to respectfully disagree: JAWS for Windows, when viewed from various angles, is a collection of data and code, hence it will behave like any piece of software installed on any operating system. Without proper support from an operating system such as Windows 7 and 10, JAWS would not have existed. For many blind folks out there, affording latest and greatest isn’t practical, hence the statement about reliance on XP and 7.

Nor I think we should act like we have highest authority: I think given the nature of this thread and the fact that not many people know how to use Groups.IO account to manage certain things, asking people to mute threads (spoken in a way that gives possibly wrong impressions) might not be a good idea. Therefore, I think we should leave it up to James (our chief) to deal with this.




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This is a jaws users list let's please try to stay on topic thank you

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On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 05:20 am, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) <ted.lisle@...> wrote:

XP was—having a loyal user base that will stick until the bitter end.

 And for people who actually did that, I want them to recall precisely how bitter that end probably was when they had to make the leap.

I know a number of people still using WinXP, but I also know that most wisely avoid doing anything online (e.g., online banking or the like) where the security compromises involved are huge.  It's gotten to the point where most providers of sensitive web functions like online banking will block you from using them if your browser does not comply with current security standards, and nothing that runs on WinXP that I know of these days does.

I have never, ever, been a bleeding edge adopter of anything.  I always give a shake out period of several months to up to a year or so.  But I also have never, ever been someone who thinks that clinging to the bitter end works out well, either, for reasons I've already stated in a prior message.


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