Re: looking for aa free email program


Windows Live Mail 2012 definitely installs and runs under Windows 10.  I know that it "plays well" with JAWS 15 under Windows 7 and seemed to be doing OK under JAWS 17 on that same platform.  I can never vouch for how JAWS, Windows, and any program will interact until I've "been there, done that" but I have no reason to suspect that it would not work just fine.  Windows Live Mail is a single component of Windows Essentials, and you must download the installer for all the Essentials as a single program.  You can select which application or applications you wish during the installation process itself.

Thunderbird seems to work pretty well these days, but I actually prefer WLM 2012 better (and I have to bite my tongue as I say that, but it's true).

Opera Mail might also be an option and it's worth trying just to see if you're trying to find a "best fit."  The Opera browser was highly thought of by some in accessibility circles (WebAIM glowed back at version 9) and I have little doubt that the same design ethos is part of their e-mail client.

Gmail's Basic HTML view is very accessibility friendly if you have a gmail account and want to go the web interface route.

I would be curious to hear what experiences people may be having with the actual Mail app that comes bundled with Windows 10 as far as accessibility goes.  I've not yet known of anyone personally who's tried or been using it.  The interface is very clean, but it could be clean and utterly inaccessible as well.


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