Re: JAWS, Word 2016, and word count/character count without spaces

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

That would figure.  I have become a big ribbon fan, something I never expected.  Like the old menu system, it provides a good overview, which can be helpful when you need a command you don’t use much.  Coincidentally, I ran into Word Count just a few days ago, shortly before it came up on the list.  Every now and then, when writing book reviews on assignment, for example, it’s a handy thing to have.




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 . . . invokes the same Word Count Dialog that I made reference to with ALT+R,W.   As per usual, there are about 100 ways to do the same thing in Windows and Windows programs.

I'm curious where and when you learned this shortcut?   There are tons of these that exist that range from not well documented to completely undocumented.  This one pops up on a number of web pages, and a really good one from Microsoft involving keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Windows programs is entitled, Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Office Word.  It covers some keyboard shortcuts applicable outside of MS-Word as well.


P.S. to Ted:  That keystroke sequence I gave invokes precisely the option under the Review ribbon to which you've made reference.  It's just the "direct line" there.

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