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Hi Jim,
To change your Desktop Theme to, Windows Classic, try the following:
1. While on the desktop press, control + spacebar, to make sure that nothing is selected.
2. Open the context menu with the applications key or, shift + F10, arrow down to Personalize & press enter.
3. You will now be in the Themes Gallery.  here  the different themes are in columns & rows.  To find the Windows Classic Theme, arrow down to Windows7 Basic, & right arrow 1 time to Windows Classic & press enter.
Also, changing themes  will probably change your Sound Schemes as well.  So, you might have to alter your sound schemes to get the sounds you want.
Take care.
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Brian: Again, sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this issue. "Task switching" does refer to "being able to switch between active programs using ALT+TAB". Sometimes, when you press ALT+TAB to "switch" to another file/application, You "land" on each item as you ALT+TAB your way through the open files/applications, and you can immediately start to work on a file/application. However, at other times, you have to press enter/spacebar, when you land on the file/application that you are seeking - when "task switching"; because, all you see is the "title" of that window, and you cannot work on that file/application. To avoid having to worry about that coming up from time to time, someone sent instructions on "Changing Themes", which involved changing to the "Windows Classic" theme. I thought that I had "Windows Classic" working on my PC already; but, when I followed those instructions, and tried to look for it, I could not find it anywhere. Would you happen to have a link for "Windows Classic". I am not convinced that it does not exist on my system; but, I cannot find it, and it is useless to search without knowing exactly where I should be looking for this on my system. It seems to have disappeared, perhaps around the time I was having "general problems" with my PC last year. Thanks very much. Jim H

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