Re: Changing themes, using the "start memu", to get rid of "task switching" ...



        This should not have anything to do with the theme you're using, at least in my experience.  

        I have access to a Toshiba Satellite laptop running Win8.1 Home 64-bit.   The themes included are three Windows Default Themes:  Windows, Lines & Colors, & Flowers.  Five installed themes from Toshiba, which don't warrant mentioning by name, and four high contrast themes: High Contrast #1, High Contrast #2, High Contrast Black, and High Contrast White.

        There is no theme by the name of Windows Classic.  This machine has had no customizations made with regard to themes, so I have little doubt that what shows up on any Win8.1 machine will be a couple of straight Windows themes, the high contrast themes, and whatever custom themes the device manufacturer might choose to include.


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