Re: Trouble authorizing JAWS 12

Adrian Spratt

Am I right to infer that you don't have an earlier version of JAWS installed
on your machine? Also, do I correctly understand that you downloaded the
current update of JAWS 12 rather than installed it from the CD, and that the
only part you're doing by CD is to attempt authorization?

With all that in mind, I think you'd be best advised to call FS's tech
support, assuming you live in the US and that option is feasible for you.

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Subject: Trouble authorizing JAWS 12

I have never done an ILM authorization or activation. I downloaded JAWS 12
on Monday. I paid for the upgrade and received the CD in the mail.

When I try to authorize JAWS, I insert the CD and follow the prompts. The
20-digit code is displayed, but at that point the computer just sits there
and seemingly does nothing. I tried this last night and am trying it again
today. I do not get an error message. I also do not get any indication the
process is underway.

I only have the Windows firewall. I also still have I E 6, which is the
main reason I am upgrading so I can get 8.

Could the firewall or the old browser be preventing me from successfully
authorizing JAWS? Does anyone have any ideas I can try or am I destined to
visit tech support? Thanks.


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