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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I am not sure I used the Ctrl key, but it’s been a long time.  Of course, the JAWS key locks the mouse button, until it’s pressed again, and that’s where the trouble begins.  The problem is JAWS clams up, and I can’t tell where I am going.




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Drag an ddrop never seems to work for me with Jaws




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thank you I'll give it a try.

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Here you go:


Use the key strokes, (CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH) for Drag and Drop .
This is used to drag items from one location and drop them in another.
Position the JAWS Cursor on the item you wish to move and press
PAD SLASH. You can leave the JAWS Cursor active, or you can switch to the PC
Cursor. JAWS will keep speaking as you navigate. Once you have positioned
the JAWS or PC Cursor in the location to which you would like to move the
item, press CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH again, and the item will be moved to
the position of the active cursor.

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Subject: Drag and drop




I am using Windows 7 and Jaws 12


May I ask what the key stroke to perform the drag and drop is


Thanks in advance



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