Trouble authorizing JAWS 12

Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

I have never done an ILM authorization or activation. I downloaded JAWS 12
on Monday. I paid for the upgrade and received the CD in the mail.

When I try to authorize JAWS, I insert the CD and follow the prompts. The
20-digit code is displayed, but at that point the computer just sits there
and seemingly does nothing. I tried this last night and am trying it again
today. I do not get an error message. I also do not get any indication the
process is underway.

I only have the Windows firewall. I also still have I E 6, which is the
main reason I am upgrading so I can get 8.

Could the firewall or the old browser be preventing me from successfully
authorizing JAWS? Does anyone have any ideas I can try or am I destined to
visit tech support? Thanks.


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