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Jeanette McAllister

I have a question. I cannot get drop down boxes in Excel to read. JAWS will tell me there’s a drop down box and tell me how to access it, and then he just says “blank”. I had a sighted individual tell me there is text in the drop down box for selection. I called Freedom Scientific and I was told this is an excel problem. I was told I could press tab and then shift tab and JAWS would read it; it does NOT work.  I have a student who needs this to do her job. Does anyone know of any keystrokes I can teach her to get JAWS to read what is in the drop down box?


My student is using JAWS 16 and Excel 2013.


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I can confirm that Weather is now working in Research It with JAWS 16.  But to be perfectly blunt, I really don’t understand the infatuation with Research It, anyway.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  If the weather option stops working again, you can always get your local weather from Weather Underground whose forecasts and current conditions are just as comprehensive as those provided by Research It. And Weather Underground always works, so enter your zip code and save it in your bookmarks or favorites list, and whenever you want your local weather, just click on it:









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just now i keyed in my zipcode for weather research it and worked like acharm:)

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Yep. Working here, as well. So likely problem was that the weather web site had some sort of glitch in its API or page layout. Hope it sticks.


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Hi,  Just now, the weather Research It feature seems to be working normally.  Mitch


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