Re: Is accessible Google gone forever?

Ann Byrne


That message has been there forever, but the search used to work beeeeeeeautifully anyway. It laid out really clean pages of results, despite assuring us that it didn't work. Looks like now it actually doesn't.


At 09:21 PM 2/18/2016, you wrote:


I have no idea at all why Google even allows the search entry on that page to exist. Right next to the search criteria entry box is a paragraph which reads:

In July 2006, we launched a small search experiment called Accessible Search, which searched the web for pages that were more accessible to browsers at the time. Since then, much has changed on the web, and this experiment is no longer supported. To learn more about accessibility and search, see <>Accessibility in Google Search.

I think that everyone searching from that page is going to get some sort of error message. I get the precise one you did.


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