Getting Jaws to switch language or voice profile within a spreadsheet or table columns


Hello list,

I’m going to guess that this can’t be done, but perhaps a knowledgeable Jaws user can enlighten me.

I with Jaws would like to be able to have the synthesizer switch between different voice profiles when navigating between columns either in an Excel spreadsheet or a table in a Word document. In my case, for language learning purposes. Similar to a flashcard system.

Jaws has gotten better over the years with multilingual support, but even with the most recent update with the CTL+Win-Key+L command, it’s still not terribly efficient. More so in a circumstance such as this. There are iOS flashcard apps that do work quite nicely with Voiceover, but I don’t always  want to work off  of my phone.

Can one by any chance mark a region in a spreadsheet or table, be it a column or row and associate that area to a voice/language profile in jaws for a more fluid experience. I am studying to obtain federal court certified Spanish language certification and need to work on terminology and vocabulary. I guess the same situation could be applied to any learning circumstance where one wishes to use a flashcard type of format, but anyway… I’d like to simply be able with the arrow keys go back and forth among the columns and have Jaws provide me with the proper pronunciation instead of English or Spanish for both terms.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.






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