about:config settings for adobe flash plugin?

douglas richard dexheimer

now that firefox has updated to 44.0.2, what settings in about:config do i need to make all websites using flash accessible? even when i set "disable protected mode" to true or "browser.flash protected mode flip.done" to true, the error message persists on some pages: the adobe flash plugin has crashed.. or unavailable embedded object. has flash lost its compatibility with firefox? other browsers like chrome and IE are pains in the neck: in IE pages that use flash stay silent or show embedded object as unavailable (most of the time IE tends to freeze, hang or be unresponsive); in chrome the window keeps jumping to a blank screen and giving the name of the site followed by the word "unknown", making it virtually impossible to navigate the site. I think i got the issue fixed in firefox now, but will appreciate any tips if i have a problem in the future in spite of setting the above mentioned configurations. thanks.
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