Re: System Tray Jaws saying no selected item

Don Risavy, Jr.

Ok well added and switched to a new user account on the windows 10 system and fixed the issue and haven’t had it since.

Thanks though for the info.



From: Mike B. [mailto:mb69mach1@...]
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 8:16 PM
Subject: System Tray Jaws saying no selected item


Hi Don,


I don't know if these 2 notes will apply in Windows 10, but they do sound reasonable.


Often times it means that there is another window partly covering up that
section of the screen. Try a windows tab command to find out if something
else is running.




It is just one of those times when there is another process, or a number
of processes that your system is handling. You have to escape to close
the dialog box and try again after some time. For example, if you just
logged into your system, Windows may stilll be populating the tray or
arranging items for correct display. So JAWS will not be able to show
you items in the tray.
Of course there may be other explanations, but that is what I often
discover when this happens; just like the case when you find JAWS just
saying "Lost focus" when another window is processing something in the
background. JAWS would have lost focus of the handle temporarily but if
it is a progress window, it would regain the focus. Just a matter of
giving it time and requires a bit of patience.


Take care.
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