Re: missing shortcut error message


it may not be fixed right away. : This won't solve your problem with shortcuts; but, you said something in your message that sounds "fishie" to me. You were told that it would be very expensive to remove your hard drive from your crashed machine and install your hard drive into another PC. Well, A friend of mine has done this for me a number of times over the last couple of decades, and it generally takes him anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. In fact, I am sure that he could instruct me on how to do it myself rather easily. Now, you may not be "technically" inclined; but, that does not mean that people should be taking advantage of you regarding repair costs. Of course, if you have an extremely unusual, complicated PC configuration, requiring much time to get at the hard-drive connection points, ignore the above; but, I do not think that should be the case. Also, I too wonder if moving from XP to Win7 may have anything to do with this. So, I will watch, with interest, for further messages on this subject. Jim H

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