missing shortcut error message

douglas richard dexheimer

when i try to open certain programs (created on an older desktop windows xp computer) from the desktop or start menu on this windows 7 machine, i get a shortcut error message along these lines:
Problem with Shortcut
The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'Hope.lnk' (or some other application i'm trying to launch) refers to is unavailable. Make sure that
the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again.
how can i get rid of this error when opening programs on my desktop or start menu? i had these programs copied on an external hard drive when my windows xp computer crashed, and managed to copy a few on this machine. but recently the external drive (or the enclosure case it was in) got burned up or dropped and is no longer useable. (i took the drive to a microcenter store, but they said it would be very costly to take the drive out of its case and insert it into a new one.) is there a way to eliminate shortcut problems with programs on my desktop, so i can open them? a temporary workaround may be trying different shortcut key combinations to see what program each shortcut opens, searching for a particular program on the desktop, start menu, downloads, etc. changing its shortcut key combination, then trying to open the app using the newly created shortcut (once i determine no other program is opened by or was stored under the same shortcut). might this error be a security feature of windows 7 when trying to open a program for which a shortcut key was created on a windows xp system? thanks.
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