Accidentally enabled the Jaws Touch features on my desktop


Hello list,

So while typing away doing this and that on my business desktop, I must have been too fast and sloppy because now, I seem to have enabled some sort of touch mode for a tablet PC and Jaws. Naturally, the famous search for command feature that was introduced in one of the recent Jaws updates isn’t giving me any results no matter what I type. Poking around the Jaws help files isnt’ giving me anything either. I have to imagine it’s a toggle keystroke, but so far, I haven’t found it. The closeest I’ve come to is insert+shift+semi-colin for the touch cursor which doesn’t’ get me out of this mode.

I’m banging  out this email on my personal laptop, but I need to be able to work with my business machine. I thought I’d shoot an email to folks with more experience with the touch interface of Jaws while I continue my search  for a solution.



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