Re: Google Cast extiion



           The Chromecast extension will only cast what appears in a tab in Chrome (or full screen if enlarged from Chrome) to your TV set.  JAWS 11 is, at this point, in "the wayback machine" as far as web browser features go and I'm not surprised that it is not announcing the pop-up/drop-down menu for Chromecast.  I just now tested with NVDA and it is announcing "Google Cast Extension" when it lands on the button in Chrome's main control bar and is announcing all the items, the first of which is "cast to {the name I gave my Chromecast dongle}, followed by "separator," menu items options, send feedback, and help.

           I just looked at the website and Kodi appears to be a stand-alone media player program.  I see no browser-related extensions/add-ins on their site and searches on cast, casting, and Chromecast turn up nothing that indicates Kodi and Chromecast can be used together in any way.


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