locked Re: Subject Change: Improving my teaching approach and/or sensitivity

James Homuth

This thread in particular is a candidate for a closing. A little topic drift is expected on a mailing list this large. That's why I moved the list to groups.io - people who have no interest in the thread can, therefore, not be included in that thread. I've been keeping an eye on the original thread and a few others. For the moment, nothing has happened that's warranted me stepping in. Please keep it that way. In the meantime, if anyone has problems with something on the list, please refer to the policies.
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From: Brian Vogel [mailto:britechguy@...]
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Subject: Re: Subject Change: Improving my teaching approach and/or sensitivity

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 08:12 am, Nicole Massey <nyyki@...> wrote:
I think that changing a subject line to reflect the current topic is both helpful and respectful to the other members of the group.

 And I don't think that anyone would argue that fact provided the new subject might possibly have any interest to the broader group.  If you've dropped reading the originally referenced thread I will pretty much assure you that things like discussing our experience of age, how many 'c's are in Al Pacino's name, and a plethora of trivial sidebars are entirely unlikely to be subjects worthy of their own threads.

There's a balance to be struck, and so far not renaming most of the drifted contributions seems entirely reasonable based upon their very content.  They're not topics that warrant a separate thread and most likely would result in wailing about "off topic posts."  This very thread has the very real danger of starting that type of wailing, but here I am!

As far as moderators go, I'm in favor of hands-off except in case of flame war.  I've seen way more than one lively list, with mostly on-topic posts, die because a moderator enforced their own purity tests rather than letting the cohort posting decide what was OK and what was not.


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