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Gary King

When using Kindle for PC with Accessible Plug-in, JAWS and other screen readers read the menus and buttons, and the included male and female text-to-speech voices speak the text of the books. JAWS can't read any text in books directly, but a page can be read after a fashion with Convenient OCR.  The problem is that most books are printed in columns, so trying to make sense of a page this way is difficult. 
If you are reading books such as novels which are meant to be read from start to finish, the program is adequate, but if you are trying to read books that require a lot of navigation to find a particular portion of the text, your experience will not be good.  I wouldn't try it with books of a technical nature.
For those who have an iPhone or iPad, the Kindle app works much better.
Gary King

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How accessible are Kindle books? I haven’t followed the Kindle issue over the years. I see there is a Kindle app for PC with an accessible plug-in. It says it works with Jaws. Can anyone vouch for that?

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