Re: Any good audio editors that work with jaws?

Nicole Massey <nyyki@...>

Ah, then this is a recent change in their features. The 16 track limit, all of them audio (no MIDI support) was the main reason why I didn't delve deeper into it.

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Hi Nicole,

I'm not sure why you're saying that Audacity is limited to sixteen tracks. Some users on the Audacity4Blind mailing list use many more tracks than that,


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Though Reaper has an advertised 60 day trial period, those who aren't worried about the ethics of using shareware for longer than the trial period will find that it doesn't disable any functions when the trial ends, so it's not crippleware. I do suggest paying it, as it's a responsive environment and the programmers of it are worth the money. It's also probably the least expensive accessible option for us that has this level of functionality. (Audacity is cheaper, but it's limited to sixteen tracks and lacks some useful features)
And yeah, that's a pretty cool name for a mailing list.

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Link to Reaper home page <> and Sony's Sound Forge <> . It looks like Reaper allows a 60-day full-function trial and Sony has trial periods for Sound Forge Pro and Sound Forge Audio Studio. I'm not sure which of the two Nicole was making reference to.

I absolutely love whoever came up with the "Reaper Without Peepers" moniker!


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