Re: Any good audio editors that work with jaws?

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Yep -- a bigger house just means more instruments, especially Hammonds and Leslies. But it's amazing how fast you can use up sixteen tracks.
(And now you've made me wish my Hammond wasn't in storage right now)

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One of the truths of working in recorded music is that somehow you're going to need at least one more track.

This axiom exists in many forms and in many spheres. I collect orchids and, "There's always room for one more orchid," or, "I really need one of {whichever one of several million plants you don't have and happen to be seeing at that moment}," tends to occur with frightening frequency. I thank heaven that I am relatively immune to the collector's impulse. I was going to say "endless collector's impulse" but that's redundant!

More is more is a more common feeling than Mies "Less is More."


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