Re: Any good audio editors that work with jaws?

Nicole Massey <nyyki@...>

One of the truths of working in recorded music is that somehow you're going to need at least one more track. And when you're including any FX processing in the project then those additional tracks become very handy.

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I agree regarding Reaper and paying. A $60 individual license, that even allows limited commercial use, and a $225 full commercial license for someone doing constant commercial-grade work is an absolute steal.

That being said, and given the original request that spawned this thread, I had a little chuckle at "it's limited to 16 tracks . . .!" Sixteen tracks might be limited to someone such as yourself, but for most people looking for a sound editor that goes beyond bare basics, but don't need full professional, sixteen tracks is overkill times somewhere in the range of thirteen to fifteen!! Even more so if you install the add-ins that allow Audacity to do MP3 conversion and a myriad other filters,etc.


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