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Brian, if everyone quoted only one line, then this would be a non-issue for me. When I have read quoted messages, generally the entire message, or at least certainly several lines are quoted. I do understand your point, and I do notice that you quote only one line, and that certainly makes a difference.


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And if there is a distinct preference among the cohort for "bottom quoting" I am more than willing to follow that convention. This is a "when in Rome" thing, but there's been no fiat from the emperor that I'm aware of. I am certainly sensitive to not wanting to make messages any more difficult to read than they must be.

I'll disagree slightly, though, on participants occasionally not understanding what a message was referencing or in remembering what was said in other or very long recent threads. There have been a number of instances where my, "Was he/she reading the same thread I'm reading?," or, "Doesn't so and so remember that I/he/she said that very thing in thread X just two days ago? It doesn't bear repeating now," reactions kicked in.

Brian, and this is an instance of thread drift that I think is helpful, JAWS-centered or not and original topic centered or not

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