Re: What PDF editing software is accessible?



          Back to PDF Split & Merge.  Directly below is a quotation of the pertinent section of an e-mail I sent to Pablo earlier today.  Since there's nothing private about the conversation, nor the material I'm referring him to, I'll just paste here so that anyone who wants to give the earlier versions of PDF Split & Merge a try can do so.


        I have uploaded a ZIP file with the 64-bit installers for two prior versions of PDF Split and Merge that still have the functionality you're looking for, but that had a far more "old fashioned Windows" interface.  Given that it was very straightforward I suspect it will be accessible, but have not reinstalled to verify.  If you wish to try one, I would suggest going for the oldest version, which is the exe installer for version 2.2.2, before trying the MSI installer for 2.2.4.  Both of these files have been virus scanned more times than I can count since they've been resident on my computer using Microsoft Windows Defender since I started with Windows 10 last fall.  I just zipped them both up.  Here is the direct link to the ZIP file on my Amazon web space:

If it objects to downloading for you let me know and I'll make the file public.  I think it should download for anyone with the direct link whether I've made it public or not.


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