Re: Improving my teaching approach and/or sensitivity

David Ingram

I’d like to know if anything what this has to do with jaws?  If anyone can please tell me I would appreciate it.


From: Brian Vogel [mailto:britechguy@...]
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2016 11:47 AM
Subject: Re: Improving my teaching approach and/or sensitivity



             Thanks.  I knew that I'd hit the "Send to group" button, not "Send to Sender" within a second and did a "Delete immediately."

             I already sent Ted an actual e-mail asking him to let me know whether the thing I deleted did show up in the list e-mails or digests, but you've answered that question.  I had hoped, perhaps, that I quick press of the Delete button on the web interface might have roughly the same effect as "Undo Send" does in the interfaces that allow it for a very short period of time.  So now anyone who might be interacting with the group via the web forums interface knows that there is no way to retract anything once the "Send to Group" button is pressed.

             I am not ashamed of anything I said in that message and none of it is unfit for public consumption, so I am not mourning it's accidentally being "sent wide."  It simply states reality and my opinion/position based upon it, plain and simple.


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