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Gary King

I agree that the 2Wire is excellent, unless it dies a year and a half after installation, out of warranty, of course. I especially liked the statistics it gave on my line, convincing me that there was no point trying for a higher speed DSL service. Too much attenuation!

I am now using the Zoom Telephonics X6V, which is doing a good job for me. It has a much better wireless range than did the 2Wire, probably because it has an external antenna instead of an internal one.

Setup of the Zoom X6V is not for the faint of heart though. The setup program is not speech friendly, leading to a lot of guesswork. Since it wasn't a recommended model by my telephone company, the setup with them was not automatic as it was with the 2Wire. Once I got past all of that though, the user interface to the gateway is just standard HTML.

Gary King

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Oh yes, if you are using AT&T they do have an excellent router, it is called
Two Wire and works very well with their DSL service.

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I'm using a 2-Wire Gateway, and you didn't mention if you were using DSL or

The 2-Wire web interface for setting it up is very accessible with JAWS.

Dave Carlson
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I'm planning to get a router for wireless network.
What routers are good and what shall I avoid?
I want one with both wireless and network cable conections, so I have both
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