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Charles Coe



On my del keyboard the application key when pressed does say, application.




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...and here lies a problem. When I press my applications key I hear menu. JAWS is not behaving. When I press Shift+F10 I hear Context  menu. JAWS is not saying "application".



Dave Carlson
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I think that "Applications Key" would be a better label  for that key when instructing screen reader users for a couple of reasons.  When I press that key, JAWS first speaks "applications" before speaking "context menu."  If you call it the menu key, it could be confused with other types of menus.


Shift F10 typically brings up the same context menu as the Applications Key, but I have seen instances when the Shift F10 context menu has a few extra choices.


Gary King

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On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 02:21 pm, Jean Menzies <jemenzies@...> wrote:

They are the same. Context key: typically beside the right alt key (between alt and control) on a standard keyboard.

 Thanks Jean.  Now that you've described it that's what I've more commonly heard referred to as "the menu key" for the very reason that it's used very frequently to cause context menus to appear.

This key seems to be becoming more variable as far as precisely where it's placed and whether a keyboard has one, particularly on laptops.  My relatively new HP laptop doesn't have one at all.  My partner's slightly older Toshiba laptop has it located between ALT and CTRL on the right side of the spacebar while the Windows key is in that position on the left on both our laptops.  I'll have to look at my old Win7 laptop upstairs to see if it had a menu/applications key on it.


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