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You might want  to take a look at the Hadley School for  the Blind web site also.


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I found Kathy Anne's site, and I suggest taking courses from her.  Because she is, I believe, one of those fine teachers.  Who makes her living from teaching access technology.  I believe we should support blind entrepreneurs when possible.  Given a choice.  When teaching a Deaf-Blind person, who uses a Braille display exclusively, does the Braille display mirror what the screen reader interprets.  Or what is seen on the screen by the sighted instructor? 

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This was partly personality, partly God-given talent, and partly because he once could see, and still saw reasonably well when we worked together, but understood the inherent limitations of blindness, and how to overcome them.


        Another off-list reply.  God blesses the world with a few great ones like this one you describe, but as we both know, they are the rarest of the rare.  When I see people post things along the lines that only the blind should teach the blind, or only someone who has had sight and become blind should teach those who are in that circumstance all I can do is think, "What in heaven's name are you thinking?!!  You'll be lucky if you meet a couple of people who have the entire combination of attributes and talents to do what you propose in your lifetime.  If you want to stick only to them you're just determined to ignore the many other resources that exist. Don't!!"


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