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Having an automatic keyboard detection function would be convenient, but not necessarily desired. I use a desktop layout on my laptop since I have a USB keyboard plugged in most of the time. If it switched to laptop on its own, I'd find that to be one more irritant with which to deal.
But again, for  a majority of users it would be useful.
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It doesn't automatically detect what kind of keyboard you have. That would be a nice feature though.

 Feature request, feature request!!   It seems rather unbelievable to me (but I do believe it) that this was not implemented long ago.  It's not rocket science to query hardware/device drivers to determine specific hardware present.  I don't think, for instance, that I've ever seen a Num Lock key on any keyboard that does not have a number pad as part of it.  I can only imagine what it must be like to have a fresh installation of JAWS on a non-number-pad laptop and starting out with it if no one you have access to who knows anything about JAWS can be reached and you don't know it's presuming a desktop keyboard layout (or anything about the fact that there *are* keyboard layouts as a concept).  

I envision bits of plastic and keys scattered about like so many Scrabble tiles within a few short minutes after the computer is hurled across the room with all available strength!


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