Jaws loosing focus from edit boxes in Windows 7 Pro 64

Carl de Campos <carldc@...>

Hi List,

I’ve just joined this list, from South Africa.

I’m using Jaws 13 Beta, but same problem with 12.
Windows 7 Pro 64 on Dell Vostro 3550 with i5 M2410 cpu, 4 gb ram, and I think ATI dedicated graphics, well with 256GB dedicated vram.

Since the start, jaws looses focus from an edit windows, such as when you open a new mail in Windows Live mail, it will jump back to the Inbox whilst you’re trying to type the recipient address, or jump out a “connect to server” window if trying to connect to sql, etc.

It’s gotten so bad that I can’t connect to sql at all, everytime I alt-tab back to the connection window and try typing a servername, it jumps right out again. Even at odd occasions while typing this mail.

I have noticed that it only happens with jaws, using firstly narrator, and then download a 30minute demo of the opposition allows me to connect to servers, type new e-mails, etc.

I have tried all the following:

Tried different screen resolutions, including 1024 x 768
tried values of 0 and 30d40 in ForeGroundTimeout registery desktop key
tried various values for ForeGroundFlashCount registry key
Reinstalled jaws 12 and 13
disabled anti virus (Avira) and Malware Anti Malware.
Unchecked “activate windows when dragging mouse over application window” under “Make Mouse easier to use” in control pannel.
Looking at finances to support the opposition product, but no luck!

Anyone have any simlar experiences with any luck?

Would a reinstall help, as I’m scared to go through the mission of reinstalling Windows and apps and still having the same problem.

Would appreciate your advise, out of pure desperation, as I need to become productive again for my work.

Carl de Campos
SQL DBA Business Connection for Edcon
Cell: 079 884 3662
E-mail: carldc@net1.co.za
Web: www.bcx.co.za
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