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Also, for those of us with a duel challenge, causing a necessity for a greater separation of keys, a desk top keyboard might be preferred.

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It isn't just the JAWS commands that bother me about laptops.  It's also the height and distance of the keys.  On an external keyboard the height and distance are closer to the keys on a typewriter, and since I've been typing since sixth grade, it makes a big difference to me.
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I avoid the laptop keyboard like the plague and use an external keyboard on my laptop all the time.  I refuse to learn two sets of JAWS commands.

 FYI, if your laptop keyboard has a number pad, and the applications/menu key [since some don't] then it is essentially the same as a desktop keyboard.  All of my current students have laptops, but all of them also have full-sized keyboards with number pads, so the JAWS settings defaulted to desktop keyboard.  It took me a while to figure that out at first, way back when.  I couldn't understand why those *%$#* laptop keystrokes simply refused to work on the laptops I was dealing with.  Then the light went on/the penny dropped.


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