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Reading this thread caused me to look up Kathy Anne Murtha's courses on the internet.  I was unable to find them.  Has she discontinued teaching on the internet?  She also sold a course for access technology trainers.  Who learned to use their keyboards alone.  As she was totally blind.  I still have in my archives her windows courses for XP.  I learned quite a lot from them.  Perhaps, if you were to create something similar to her courses for your students they might prove as helpful as were her courses for us.

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I don't mind hearing sighted jargon as long as it is translated into something I can understand on the keyboard.

 This actually brings up an interesting sub-question.  Other than when actually instructing on what keystrokes are necessary to accomplish a given action, and during practice to master that action, when I also mention the action name and/or jargon that goes with it, I do not generally ever mention the keystrokes in the future.  I presume that once someone has mastered "select" in the context of a file or files or in the context of a word through a text block that I not only don't, but shouldn't, be mentioning the keystrokes again.  I simply say "select" and the appropriate whatever comes after for the context in question.  I presume that the necessary nuts-and-bolts are already understood and should be used as the basis for building upon more complex tasks.

Is there any reason to keep reiterating the keystrokes once a given action appears to have been mastered rather than just using the action name itself?


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