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Youth has its advantages, I suppose.  Writing such a post  is one such.  I was also fortunate to be taught computers, by those who were my contemporaries in age.  Many who teach us blind individuals do so with arrogance, and pride.  Which is why they treat us with condescension.       It causes me to fear a return to access technology training.  Considering there might be many who might hold the same attitudes as are those you seem to hold regarding those who hold diferent opinions from those held by you, and the time constraints forced on instructors by funding.    Which is why, one should shop for access technology trainers as carefully as one shops for ones computer.  In order to find the most desirable fit for the students personality. 

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The belief being instructed by totally blind instructors narrows our options is a prejudiced point of view.

 Er, no.  But persist in that belief if it makes you feel better.  The sheer numbers game means it narrows your options, and incredibly I might add.  That's a matter of fact, not opinion.

Brian, who doesn't suffer these sorts of inane assertions gladly

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