Jaws and drop box?



Okay, I am a new be using drop box.  I'm using bard mobile app, which is the NLS, just in case  you didn't know, app for reading the library of congrace books on tablets and phones. 

So here it is, I need the drop box on my computer to connect to the drop box on my tablet to get the books that  I have selected at the NLS library to be installed in to the bard mobile app  on my tablet. But I don't know how to put or get the books or anything for that matter in to drop box?  The austin main library for the blind did send instructions but that didn't help.  They looked like good instructions, I just don't understand them.

You know, I like that I can put books that I download in to the drop box and through Wifi my computer will connect to the drop box through the bard mobile app, unzip the books and put them on the bard mobile book shelf.

Okay, I'm here listening.

Thanks to all.




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