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I think the ability to detect links and have them active is set in IE,

Don't know what to suggest w/r Thunderbird, except explore the Insert+V
options when in Thunderbird.

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Hey, folks,
Thanks to a failed hard drive (because hardware failures are a matter of
when, not if) I've had to jump to a Windows 7 machine running Office 2013
and Jaws 15, and I'm running into some interesting issues that seem not to
make any sense.
For one thing, I can't get the system to launch web addresses either from
the run line, a desktop shortcut, or as a link in Outlook, so I suspect
something is not set up right.
But my Jaws oriented issue is involving Instantbird. Previously when a new
message came from someone I was chatting with the system would read the new
text, without reading the entire window, without me having to do anything --
if it was the top window I got the read. Now it's not doing that at all.
It's possible this is a legacy of prior installs, as I ran both Trillian and
Yahoo Messenger before switching to Instantbird, and I had some Yahoo
scripts loaded into Jaws. But that may just be speculation on my part, and
something might not be set right. That prior system was running Jaws 12,
which also might be a potential source for the issue.
I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions moving forward, including issues
with downloading things in IE and running intelligent searches, especially
in searching the contents of files, not just the file names, but that's for
another time.

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